Problem behavior?  Limited communication?  Slow progress?  We can help.


Problem Behavior

All problem behavior serves a purpose.  Once the function of a problem behavior has been identified, a replacement behavior serving the same function as the problem behavior can be selected and taught.


Limited Communication

Communication can be both verbal and nonverbal.  To support early learners in developing strong, functional communication skills, the first step is to recognize the many forms your child uses to communicate and increase responsiveness to those communicative attempts.


Slow Progress

Children may plateau in their progress or demonstrate slower rates of progress than desired.  Basing programming on thorough, quality assessment will support development of individualized programming incorporating teaching strategies suited to the child’s needs.

Learn How to Help

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the application of the principles of behavior analysis used to modify behavior.  Baucom Behavioral individualizes parent training to teach you the strategies to help your child.  Contact us today to schedule your free, initial consultation.