Parent Training

Individualized parent training is provided for families of young children with developmental disabilities ages 1½-8.  Training is delivered in home and in community settings (e.g., religious center, grocery store, park) using a short-term training model with a multidisciplinary approach including direct instruction, modeling, and coaching with live feedback.  Training includes follow-up sessions to evaluate maintenance of skills, troubleshoot new issues, and provide booster training sessions if needed.  Baucom Behavioral offers 2 training package options to accommodate family needs.  Families can select a comprehensive parent training package or a specific parent training package.  Skill areas addressed in training may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Preventing problem behavior
  • Reducing problem behavior and increasing appropriate replacement behaviors
  • Teaching functional communication using vocal language, sign language, or an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device
  • Toilet training
  • Independent eating and dressing
  • Teaching basic and advanced play skills

Comprehensive Parent Training Package

Comprehensive parent training addresses skill areas identified by the family as well as skill areas identified through evaluation of the child’s skills.

Specific Parent Training Package

Specific parent training addresses a single skill area identified by the family.  The specific parent training package is ideal for families with extreme time constraints who want to work toward one goal at a time.  This training package allows for time and energy to be focused toward one goal.


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