Professional Training

Individualized professional training in the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) is available related to increasing language and communication skills, reducing problem behavior, and teaching skills errorlessly.  Training is delivered on-site at the client’s office or other client-selected location.  Baucom Behavioral offers 2 training package options to accommodate client needs.  Client’s can select a one-time professional training or a professional training series.

One-Time Professional Training Package

One-time professional training is individualized to the client’s needs and may include training in one skill area or in a combination of skill areas.  Training is delivered in a single day, suitable for clients with extreme time constraints.

Professional Training Series

Professional training series are individualized to accommodate each client’s time constraints and training needs.  Training may address one skill area or a combination of skill areas.  Training series allow for acquisition of more in-depth knowledge of trained skills through building a foundation of knowledge progressively over a specified span of time (e.g., 4 training sessions across 4 weeks; 4 training sessions across 8 weeks).