Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you accept insurance?

Yes; Please reference the Insurance tab for information about the health insurance companies that Baucom Behavioral is in-network with.  We are in the credentialing process with 3 additional major health insurance providers in the area.  Credentialing is a timely process.  As we gain in-network status with additional insurance companies we will update the Insurance tab on the website.  We look forward to our services being more accessible to families.

Isn’t ABA an autism treatment?

No; Applied behavior analysis (ABA) has been validated with individuals of all ages with a variety of diagnoses including typically developing individuals.  Reference the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) tab under About on the website for more detailed information.

How long (e.g., days, months, years) does training last?

The duration of training is dependent on family and child needs and parental knowledge of ABA prior to training.  Baucom Behavioral’s sample training schedule accounts for 4 weeks of working closely with the family and 6 months of follow-up sessions scheduled at varying increments of time (e.g., weekly, biweekly, monthly).  Please contact us with “Sample Training Schedule” in the subject line to receive a copy of the sample training schedule.

What determines the duration of training?

The duration of training is dependent on family and child needs and parental knowledge of ABA prior to training.  Families with greater needs and limited knowledge of ABA may require a longer duration of training while families with fewer needs and basic knowledge of ABA may require a shorter duration of training.  Training is individualized for each family.  Individualized training schedules will be developed following the initial consultation and assessment.

How is parental knowledge of ABA evaluated?

Baucom Behavioral has created brief questionnaires addressing basic principles of behavior analysis.  All individuals intending to receive training (e.g., parents, extended relatives, therapists) are required to complete the brief questionnaires.  Questionnaires can be completed in under 15 minutes.  Based on responses on the questionnaires, Baucom Behavioral will tailor training topics to ensure a developed foundation of knowledge in the principles of behavior analysis.

Will you train relatives and individuals other than family members?

Yes; Baucom Behavioral’s vision is to empower and educate families of exceptional children.  The primary service provided by Baucom Behavioral is parent training.  For families interested in training for hired therapists, Baucom Behavioral can accommodate the training package to include training for parents and therapists.

Consistency is key in teaching children.  All individuals that regularly interact with the child are encouraged to learn the strategies taught in parent training.  Parents are required to participate in training, however, extended family and therapists may participate in training contingent on parental request.  All individuals being trained must participate in each training session to ensure continuity in knowledge and skills.

My child receives services through early childhood intervention (ECI).  Can we begin a parent training program while he is still receiving ECI services?

Yes; To ensure no overlap in services provided through ECI and Baucom Behavioral, Baucom Behavioral should contact your child’s case manager.  For Baucom Behavioral to speak with your child’s case manager, you will need to sign a consent to release information.  Signing a consent allows for your child’s case manager to discuss your child’s case with Baucom Behavioral.

If your child is receiving behavior intervention services through ECI, your health insurance may not cover both parent training through Baucom Behavioral and behavior intervention services through ECI.  If your child is receiving behavior intervention services through ECI, contact your health insurance company to discuss coverage for services through both ECI and Baucom Behavioral.  If coverage for both services is not an option, discuss the benefits of the two services with your child’s case manager to determine which service would be most beneficial for your family and your child.

What if issues arise following completion of training? 

Based on Baucom Behavioral’s sample training schedule, follow-up sessions are scheduled at varying increments of time (e.g., weekly, biweekly, monthly) to troubleshoot new issues, evaluate maintenance of skills, and provide booster training sessions if needed.  Baucom Behavioral is available via phone and email to discuss new issues that arise following training and between scheduled follow-up sessions.  If an issue requires closer supervision and guidance, additional training and/or follow-up sessions may be scheduled to address family and child needs.  Training is intended to equip families with the knowledge and skills to teach their children for a lifetime.  Baucom Behavioral is available to collaborate with families to support them through identifying and implementing effective interventions for their children as they age and progress.

What if we decide to discontinue training before it has been completed?

You have the right to discontinue services at any time.  You are responsible for paying for all completed services hours that were received (e.g., assessment, parent training) prior to discontinuing services.  In the event that services are terminated prior to completion of training, we ask that you consider completing a brief, voluntary evaluation.  The vision of Baucom Behavioral is to empower and educate families of exceptional children.  In completing the brief evaluation, Baucom Behavioral will be better able to modify training protocols to better serve families of exceptional children.

Why don’t you provide direct therapy for children?

Therapists, teachers, and other direct service providers spend a small fraction of time with the child each week.  Given a 35-hour school week, school-aged children spend 20% of each week in school while the remaining 80% of each week is spent at home and in community settings.  In receiving training, parents learn effective, research-based strategies to teach their children, manage their behavior, and become their children’s most valuable therapists.

Do you serve families outside of Austin and nationwide?

Baucom Behavioral will travel to serve families.  Please contact us with “Training in Your Hometown” in the subject line to connect regarding services outside of Austin, Texas.